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“Chapli Kebab” may be a patty kebab, made of minced meat with numerous spices. it’s additionally referred to as Peshawari Kebab because it originates from Peshawar.

Formula for “Chapli Kebab”:


  1. 1/2 kilo beef/ mutton/ chicken minced meat
  2. Salt to style.
  3. Arched red chile one tbsp
  4. Zera powder one tbsp
  5. All spice 1/2 tbsp
  6. chopped inexperienced coriander a pair of tbsp
  7. Green chilies 5/6
  8. Boiled and sliced egg one
  9. Dry coriander powder one tbsp
  10. chopped onions a pair of fine
  11. Ginger garlic paste a pair of tbsp
  12. Gram flour a pair of tbsp
  13. Tomato as needed
  14. Oil for sauteing.


  1. Mix all the ingredients.
  2. Put this mixture for half associate degree hour to rest.
  3. Give patty form to kebabs and fry them.
  4. Keep flame of stove to normal.
  5. Garnish it with tomato.
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