Badam Doodh instruction by Zubaida Tariq:

This pleasant Latest formula of “Badam Doodh” may be prepared in roughly half-hour and smart to serve around 2-4 folks. Follow all the steps suggested by cook to urge an ideal drink.

INGREDIENTS for badam doodh recipe:

1- fresh Milk ½ liter

2- Sugar ½ cup

3- little cardamom

4- Six cooked and sliced almonds .

5-  Fifteen Sugar one tsp

How to create Badam Doodh?


  1. Grind six little cardamom with one tsp sugar.
  2.  mix along ½ liter recent milk.
  3. Fifteen cooked and sliced almonds.
  4. ½ cup sugar and little cardamom within the mixer.
  5. Pour them in glasses and serve.

Health advantages of Badam Doodh:

1- Reduces blood pressure

2- Maintain Healthy Heart

3- Skin Care

4- anti-Cancer Properties

5- Improve Kidney health

6- Strengthen Muscles

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